Monday 20 October 2014

Halloween & mini pictures

Following on from last week’s post on numbers and Halloween sweets. I’ve put together a list of simple ideas – if you read my blog you know I like simple ideas – for activities using mini pictures. Mini pictures are one of my favourite tools because you can do so many things with them !

If you’re looking for some Halloween inspired ideas for this last week before half term then you might want to download these mini-pictures

Une araignée – a spider
Des bonbons – sweets
Une citrouille – a pumpkin
Un chat noir – a black cat
Un squelette – a skeleton
Un fantôme – a ghost

Below are a few of my favourite games to play with them.

At word level:

  • Montrez moi ! (Show me!)

1 picture per person
Call out 1 item then 2 items, etc.

*variation with a 2 sets of cards between 3 : fastest person in each group to pick the pictures and wave it (2 pictures / 3 children > competition !)  

  • Stand up bingo

  • Quiz quiz swap : Qu’est ce que c’est? C’est…

  • Categorising: le/la/les; colours; j’aime/je n’aime pas, etc. or let the children choose the categories

At sentence level:

  • Same games with familiar structures such as:

Je voudrais
Je n’aime pas

Pair/table games:

  • All cards facing down, 1 player picks a card and hides it from his/her partner who has to guess what it is. If he/she guesses it right he/she takes the card, otherwise the other person keeps it. Swap over. 

  • All cards facing down, children play together and take it in turns to say an item of vocab that they think the picture is (they take a guess). They turn the card over and check if they are right the card is then placed facing up, if not they leave it facing down, they continue until all cards are facing up.

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