Tuesday 15 October 2013

Game ideas #1

I'd like to start a series of post on game ideas and what games work well in primary MFL
I've listed 3 ideas below for games you can do with any year group, any topic, and involve zero preparation (other than flashcards or a powerpoint presentation that you're using to introduce vocabulary) 

  • 'Montrez moi' (Show me)
It is a very simple game that we used this half term to learn and practice numbers in French from 0 - 10.
How we play it
The teacher calls a number in French and repeats it a number of times : cinq, cinq, cinq, cinq... This gives them thinking time however when they hear you saying 'Montrez moi' their thinking time is up and they have to show you the correct numbers of fingers.
Then the teacher calls 'Regardez moi' (Look at me) and count out loud and on his/her fingers to reveal the correct number. The children get a point if they got it right.
We have also played this game with numbers up to 20, children played in pairs and had to make up the numbers using both their 2 hands.

  • Plus vite ! (faster!) : 
We used it to review previously learnt vocabulary such as colours.
How we played it : 
The teacher asks for a volunteer who think they can name all the items of a presentation (i.e. colours) correctly. 
Go through the slides of a powerpoint presentation whilst the child name the items. 
The next person is then asked 'plus vite?' (faster?) if they think they can do it faster than the person before them - they reply 'plus vite' (faster) 'pareil' (same) or 'moins vite' (less fast). 
The game continue until nobody can do it faster than the person before.

  • Chaud/froid (hot/cold):
We played this game in KS1 to learn and practice colours
How we played it : 
Once you have introduced and practiced some colours send a child out of the room whilst you hide a flashcard in the room, ask the child to come back in and the rest of the class helps him/her to find the card by whispering (if 'cold', far away from the card) or shouting (if 'hot', close to the card) the colour : rouge, rouge, etc. 

What about you what games have you played lately?