Tuesday 20 May 2014

La Tour Eiffel

This half term, in Yr 5, we took an imaginary trip to France: 

  • We explored ways of travelling to France by looking at a child friendly map (similar to this): 

  • We took the passport control challenge:

Listen to Megan (Yr5) completing the challenge. 

Now we made it to France and we’re going to have a look around Paris using this YouTube video 

also, we’ll go to the top of the Eiffel Tower : 

We will also look at some key facts about the Eiffel tower using this infographic from Pinterest ( I didn't pin this and now I can't find it anymore - however I saved it as a word document if you'd like a copy). 

I’ll ask the children in groups to gather as much information as they can by themselves also using bilingual dictionaries if 

Depending on the group I might give them some questions to answer instead : 

Finally we’ll all have a go at drawing the Eiffel Tower using this (also from Pinterest) 

I hope you enjoy this sequence, don't hesitate to ask for the resources and let me know how it goes !

----- EDIT : You can download the resources directly from my Google drive, follow the link