Saturday 15 February 2014

What went well last week #8


These are a few activities that worked really well for me last week. 

This is for me to remember in my practice what games, songs, etc. work and also to share ideas with you. 
Most of the ideas below are really simple, they are tried and tested in various schools and they work!

  • ‘Parapluie’ by Alain Lelait   

In KS1 we have been learning about the weather linking it to months of the year and clothes. We’ve been using the ‘parapluie’ song to listen to specific phrases/words. Every time we heard ‘il pleut’ or ‘parapluie’ we had to do our actions for ‘il pleut’ (rain falling down) and ‘parapluie’ (pretending holding an umbrella)

  • Saint Valentin
My Valentine activity this year was based around ‘he loves me, he loves me not’ – which in French is ‘ Il m’aime un peu, beaucoup, passionément, à la folie, pas du tout’.(he loves me : a little, a lot, passionately, madly, not a all).
As a class, we worked out what each intensifier meant and I distributed ‘a petal’ to each person whilst saying the rhyme ‘Il m’aime un peu, beaucoup, passionement, à la folie, pas du tout’.
They had to listen carefully for their own intensifier, write it on one side of the petal and on the other side they wrote a sport, a colour, food, family member, celebrity, etc. (We brainstormed words, phrases from a wide range of topic.)

  • J’aime, J’adore, Je n’aime pas, je déteste (I like, I love, I don’t like, I hate)

Still on the topic of likes and dislikes with Year 6, for our warm up activity, I wanted to set up a speaking activity as a change from our usual song.
I made a powerpoint with pictures which I knew children would have a strong opinion about and therefore would engage with the activity. The task was to give a simple opinion about each item and continue to do so with different people on the table until the picture disappear and another one was revealed.
I wanted to set this up as a ‘video game’ with different levels of difficulty.
Level 1: to give a simple opinion and ask someone ‘et toi?’ (and you?)
Level 2 : add a reason
Level 3: I’ll introduce the language of argument (i.e. Really? You’re kidding! I disagree! Etc.)  
(This is something I’m experimenting with and it might take a while before we reach level 3…)

  • Making fruit salads

Year 5 have been learning about fruits and vegetables and consolidating numbers to 20 in French. Last week, I gave them a budget ‘quinze euros’ for example, they had to do the maths (mentally) and say what they would put in a ‘pretend’ fruit salad. They had to spend all the money and make sure they did not over-spend. 

However, this week we made REAL fruit salads so that was even better!

What about you? What worked well for you recently? 

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