Sunday 8 December 2013

What went well last week #2


These are a few activities that worked really well for me last week. 

This is for me to remember in my practice what games, songs, etc. work and also to share ideas with you. 
Most of the ideas below are really simple, they are tried and tested in various schools and they work!
  • Looking at this online advent calendar at the beginning of the lesson, I particularly liked the '2nd' where you have to decorate the Christmas tree. It's really good to re-inforce the work on days and months that we have been doing with Year 3/4 recently.
  • Making Christmas decorations out of the days of the week or months of the year spiral - download here (Thanks Janet Lloyd for the idea!)

  • Playing some miming games and freeze frames with the months of the year and having to think about what happens in that month to help the rest of the class guess (fireworks/november; valentine's day/february, etc. )
  • Singing along to this song to practice months of the year.
I also used the song as a listening activity, the children had to listen carefully and put their hand up each time they heard the month of their birthday (not so easy as it goes quite fast...)

  • Working on the Estate Agent project with Year 6 at Oughtrington CP School - as part of their creative curriculum topic.We have been working on types of houses, rooms, prepositions and after designing floor plans for their dream houses, last week we 'put the houses on the market' and filled an information sheet in prevision of doing whole class presentations next lesson.

What about you ? What worked well for you this week ? 

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