Sunday 1 December 2013

What went well last week


These are a few activities that worked really well for me last week. 

This is for me to remember in my practice what games, songs, etc. work and also to share ideas with you. 
Most of the ideas below are really simple, they are tried and tested in various schools and they work!
  • 'read my lips' : Teacher mouth a number between 1 - 12, the class has to 'read' your lips and say what number it is, hand it over to the children after a few examples to play in pairs. 
  • playing teacher vs class to practice saying how old you are. Teacher chooses a number between 1 - 12 (age) and the class has to guess how old you are, they have 4 chances to guess it right and it's first to 4 who wins.
  • singing ('rapping') along to this with Years 5 and 6 to practice saying how old you are.
link to Youtube : here 
  • making star wands with Years 1 and 2 to perfom 'Brille brille petite  étoile' ('Twinkle twinkle little star') at the Christmas assembly.
  • playing playground clapping games with Year 6 as our greeting/starter activity. We'll be learning: Tiens voila main droite, etc. and 'Pierre, papier, ciseau' as well. (See Janet Lloyd Network hand out on games from last CPD session).
  • Making mini books with flaps at French club about animal farms and the noises they make as in 'Dans la ferme à Mathurin' (Old McDonald had a farm).

What about you ? What worked well for you this week ? 

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