Monday 27 January 2014

What went well last week #6


These are a few activities that worked really well for me last week. 

This is for me to remember in my practice what games, songs, etc. work and also to share ideas with you. 
Most of the ideas below are really simple, they are tried and tested in various schools and they work!

Writing ‘draft’ tweets

In Year 6, we are learning about sports and hobbies and expressing likes/dislikes. The children practiced giving their opinions (in writing) on sports as if they were tweeting about it – 140 characters no more! 
Who can get the closest to 140 characters? 
Download the template here.

Making songs up

In year 3 we are learning about animals and also trying to speak in sentences and say which animal we like. 
We’ve been singing along to this song to practice ‘J’aime…’ Et toi?’ 
(I voluntarily used the indefinite article as it is the way I introduced the animal : un/une)
Tune: 'If you're happy and you know it'

Then, each table had a verse of the song to adapt and perform adding actions. You can differentiate by giving the 3rd verse to your more able children as there are more words to think about.


In KS1, we are linking months of the year and weather. The class teacher whom I cover for French, sent me this link and she will use it to follow up my lessons.

Also available in Spanish and Dutch here.


A few weeks ago,  I ordered some counters and dice to play board games and I received a big bag of 500 colourful counters, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them… now I know!

In French club (KS1) we have been doing a lot of work on colours mainly through songs and games (listening/speaking). This week children were using their reading skills to match the word to the colours/counters. Download the template here

There are so many other ways of using the counters and I’m sure they will come in really handy.
The counters are from this website: £3.26 for a bag of 500 ! 

What about you? What worked well for you recently?

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